SWIFEE is the sound you make when you say Swift Fee fast, three times. That’s the whole point behind this Excel-based application, which enables design firms to make a myriad of consulting fee related decisions in a SWIFEE jiffy. Intuitive and easy to use, SWIFEE features three simple worksheets: a Fee Planner, a Fee Finalizer and a Fee Summarizer.

Produce Design Fees Easily and Astutely

SWIFEE is an Excel-based application that helps architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and other building design consultants produce sound design consulting fees. It augments conventional “forward mode” fee calculations with “reverse mode” fee planning, to bring the “big picture” into sharp focus. SWIFEE enables you to:

  • Know the break even point and profit in every design consulting fee you propose
  • Test different profit levels in deciding what fee to propose
  • Work within the “big picture,” ever mindful of how one fee factor impacts another in reaching a competitive and profitable fee
  • Assess and adjust your team members or their production hours, as needed, to stay within a viable fee and profit margin
  • Set sound bases for negotiation with sub-consultants

Save Significant Time and Effort

SWIFEE was designed with the project principal and project manager in mind. SWIFEE provides them a means to:

  • Methodically consider all fee-related factors, from labor to sub-consultants, contingency reserves, direct costs, profit margins and reimbursable expenses
  • Test varying fee amounts and profit margins with project and team specificity
  • Generate labor budgets within desired profit margins, while showing full eight-hour workdays
  • Automate fee breakdowns by phase and discipline, such as are often required by clients
  • Calculate thoughtfully and perfectly, to withstand even the most rigorous scrutiny by clients

Gain Unique Calculating Abilities

Only SWIFEE offers:

  • The convenience of three-in-one integrated worksheets to plan, finalize and summarize your design consulting fees
  • A team planning component that considers your in-house team hourly rates, design disciplines, and special sub-consultant (MWBE, DBE, local, etc.) participation goals
  • A fee “reconciler” that can square a final consulting fee with a target design consulting fee in less than a minute

SWIFEE offers two versions: SWIFEE Lite and SWIFEE Pro. Download a free Trial Version of one (or both) versions today and put it to the test for five days. You’ll be glad you did.