SWIFEE is a Excel-based application that helps architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and other design consultants quickly produce  sound, strategic and profitable design consulting fee proposals. It offers the convenience of three-in-one integrated worksheets to plan, finalize and summarize design consulting fees.

Comprehensive and Quick

 SWIFEE is the easiest and fastest way to address every area that impacts design consulting fee development, including:

  • Project Fee Parameters to include project scale as well as consulting fee percentages, retention and targets
  • Profitability Metrics including direct labor burden / benefits factor, breakeven multiplier and direct labor yield / net multiplier
  • Consultant Team identification along with hourly rates and in-house time commitments
  • Sub-consultant Team identification for the different consulting design disciplines to be subcontracted, along with sub-consultant classifications of special interest to client
  • Design Fee Breakdowns across project phases and conosulting design team members
  • Reimbursable Expenses and their breakdown across project phases

One Satisfying Program, Two Flavors

  • SWIFEE LITE contains the PLANNER worksheet only. This version is sufficient for those who typically tender fee proposals as a design sub-consultant.
  • SWIFEE PRO contains the integrated PLANNER, FINALIZER AND SUMMARIZER worksheets. This version is extremely useful for those who typically produce consulting fees as as a prime design consultant, with design sub-consultants under their wing.

Based on Microsoft Excel

SWIFEE is an application (or executable) based on Microsoft Excel. It looks and feels just like Excel but accepts input just a little differently in the SWIFEE FINALIZER (see Finalizer Tour-torial). The following ensure that you get the best and most out of SWIFEE in every design consulting fee reckoning:

  • Preserve your licensed copy as a template. To do this, we advise that you first do a “Save As” of SWIFEE in the name of your project, and then work within the new document. Do this for every new project fee on which you work.
  • Follow the yellow box numbers. Yellow box numbers guide you through the process of preparing your fee in a sequence that is logical to the program and that will save you the most time.  Input instructions are embedded within these numbers in every worksheet. Simply hover your pointer over each number to read the directions for each specific section
  • Mind the colors. SWIFEE is color-coded for your guidance. You may change anything you see in BLUE on the worksheets. Anything you see reversing out of blue is automatically calculated based on your input and must always equal 100%. Anything in green is also automatically calculated based on your input, and simply serves as check or target totals.
  • Identify yourself and the project. Company and project identification all happen in the header. To get to the header quickly, select File > Page Setup > Header/Footer tab > Custom Header, and then change as needed.  You may make these header changes in the three worksheets at once by selecting all three worksheets (press control and click each worksheet) before selecting  Page Setup.
  • Print one-page summaries to the appropriate level of detail required by your internal team and the client. SWIFEE’s worksheets are formatted on 11×17 or tabloid sheets for easy reading and printing. You may of course save any worksheet in pdf format and then print to scale on any other sized paper.

Just a few things that SWIFEE does not support

  • Inserting and deleting rows, columns or  worksheets
  • Sorting of columns, rows or ranges
  • Use on Apple/MAC computers and platforms