SWIFEE Summarizer

Welcome to our SWIFEE SUMMARIZER Tour-torial. SWIFEE SUMMARIZER presents a one-page summary of your final proposed fee and team. In this Tour-torial you will learn to use SWIFEE’s third and final worksheet and appreciate its convenience and functionality.


One-Page Summary of Design Fee Highlights

SWIFEE SUMMARIZER hides all extraneous information and values that would be of little significance to your client. It presents your Design Fee highlights in a straightforward manner, to include:

  • The full Professional Design Fee
  • Fee split between consultant and sub-consultants
  • The identification of Consultant and sub-consultants
  • The Consultant’s core team composition and time commitments
  • The Special Classification participation levels reached (MWBE, small business, local, etc.)
  • The Professional Design Fee Breakdown by Phase
  • Reimbursable expenses and their breakdown by phase

SWIFEE SUMMARIZER carries over all values from the SWIFEE FINALIZER and allows no changes. If you need to make any revisions, make them on the FEE FINALIZER worksheet.


Simply Press Print

SWIFEE SUMMARIZER is formatted to print on a single 11×17 sheet of paper to facilitate easy reading and review. Indicate your company name, and the project’s name and location on the header, and then send the document off to print. You may, of course, convert it to a pdf  and print to any other sized paper.