Buy License/Registration

By now you should have tested SWIFEE and found it functional, efficient and quick. You also will have decided which version will work best for your long-term design consulting fee needs: SWIFEE LITE or SWIFEE PRO. After your five-day trial period, you may buy a license/registration for SWIFEE using one of the links at the bottom of this page. You will need one license/registration for each PC on which you install SWIFEE.


Click on the appropriate link below to order your licensed/registered version of SWIFEE (from PAYPAL).

  • $39.95 (single copy), $24.95 (multiple copies).
  • Includes the PLANNER worksheet only.
  • To purchase, click HERE.
  • $74.95 (single copy), $49.95 (multiple copies).
  • Includes the PLANNER, FINALIZER AND SUMMARIZER worksheets.
  • To purchase, click HERE.

How your purchase will be handled

  • SWIFEE has selected PAYPAL as its E-Commerce partner.
  • When you purchase SWIFEE, you will purchase it from PAYPAL. They will handle and store all sensitive information securely. We we will never see it.
  • PAYPAL will take your orders quickly, conveniently and securely. They offer an extensive range of payment options.
  • After your order has been processed, you instantly will receive a notification e-mail from PAYPAL summarizing your order details and confirming your  purchase.

License/Registration key

  • Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive separate email from with a registration form and licensing instructions for SWIFEE.
  • At the time of registration you will need to fill out your ‘Computer ID’. You can find the computer id from the About dialog of SWIFEE. The About dialog can be reached from the Excel Menu (DoneEx->Application SWIFEE->About).

As a licensed/registered SWIFEE user, you will get:

  • Unlimited use of the application to plan, finalize and summarize as many professional fees as needed
  • Priority support by email for 12 months from date of purchase
  • Free updates for your version for as long as you own it
  • Free upgrades to any new version that may be released within 12 months from date of purchase, or within any technical support maintenance agreement you may choose to activate later on
  • For more information on after-purchase support, updates and upgrades, click here.

End-user license agreement

When you download SWIFEE, you enter into a legally binding agreement with us. It is a standard PC software license agreement that allows you to install and use the SWIFEE application on one computer for as long as you want, and on as many professional design consulting fees as you wish. The SWIFEE application is covered by international copyright laws. If something goes wrong when you use the program, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. To read the SWIFEE end-user license agreement, click here.